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Imagination runs wild stories

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This is a way to get kids writing without them being stumped on what to write about. Write a short intro paragraph and one concluding sentence. And have them write the middle of the story. You could make it funny, dramatic, anything.
For example,
One day I was walking back home from school when I tripped over something on the sidewalk. I got up and looked at the thing that I fell over. I was surprised when I saw that I fell over $1,000,000! I couldn't believe it. I picked up the money and...
...and that's what I did with the money.

One day I went to school without my lunch. "Oh no! I'm going to be so hungry at lunch." The school bell rang. It was lunch time and all my friends were eating their lunch. I checked my pockets and yes! I had some money. I went into the cafeteria to buy some food. When I got in the line, I saw the most disgusting thing...
...and I will never eat at the cafeteria again.

My students really enjoyed these scenarios.

Harry Lee
Toronto, ON

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