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Since I noticed that Korean children love action games, I've started using ball games in class. One that I find they really like is a varation of dodge ball. (works if you have a fairly large classroom with room to run)
First I choose one student to be the ball thrower. I have that student stand to the side with the ball, and the other students stand together at one end of the room. Then I describe one student, like "this student is wearing red shoes" "This student wears glasses" The students have to listen so they know if I am describing them. When they figure out who it is, that person has to run to the other side of the room, and the ball thrower has to try to hit them as they run. If hit, the student becomes the ball thrower.
You can change the descriptions depending on what you are learning in class. for example, pin a picture of an object (fruit, article of clothing, famous person, etc) on the students and describe the object. This is a good perk up game after a half hour of boring textbook work!

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