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Jeopardy questions: Anglophone culture and trivia

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Here are some Jeopardy categories that I use with French high school students (14-16 years old). Some of the categories are only appropriate to french speakers. Enjoy!
Laura Brandon
[email protected]

Single Jeopardy

Give the American equivalent
100 I live in a flat. (apartment)
200 My brother’s favorite game is football. (soccer)
300 Put the suitcase in the boot of my car. (trunk)
400 We queued up for two hours. (stood in line)
500 Excuse me, could you pass me a rubber? (an eraser)
600 It’s time to change the baby’s nappy! (diaper)

100 The underground is a very efficient transportation system. (subway)
200 His glasses make him look smart. (fashionable)
300 Would you like a biscuit? (cookie)
400 Take the lift to the 10th floor. (elevator)
500 I need some more petrol for my car. (gasoline)
600 Pardon me, could I have one of your fags? (cigarettes)

Anglophone Capital Cities
100 Canada (Ottawa)
200 India (New Delhi)
300 South Africa (Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein)
400 Australia (Canberra)
500 Kenya (Nairobi)
600 New Zealand (Wellington)

Say the Number
100 17, 593
200 1/3
300 734,792
400 117, 770.3
500 89,135,964.4
600 1,000,000,000

Name the primary language spoken in these countries:
100 China (Chinese)
200 Korea (Korean)
300 Brazil (Portugese)
400 Russia (Russian)
500 Norway (Norwegian)
600 Holland (Dutch)

Name 3
100 Vegetables
200 Cities in Canada
300 Articles of clothing
400 Holidays
500 American presidents (before 1900)
600 Planets
others: pieces of furniture, rivers in the USA, mountain ranges in the Americas

Double Jeopardy

Say the date aloud – all are 20th century (mm/dd/yy)
100 12/25/55
200 5/7/75
300 6/6/44
400 3/13/76
500 5/30/45
600 7/25/42

100 Who wrote Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Hamlet? (Shakespeare)
200 In what building does the American president live? (The White House)
300 What river runs through the city of New Orleans? (The Mississippi)
400 What year was the American Revolution? (1776)
500 What U.S. President was assassinated in 1865? (Lincoln)
600 When was the American Civil War? (1861-1865)

harder Who wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? (Mark Twain)
harder What’s the most widely spoken language in the world? (Chinese)
harder What’s the approximate population of the U.S.A.? (250 million)
harder What’s the longest river in the U.S.A.? (Missouri)

Name the nationality’s adjective
100 France (French)
200 Ireland (Irish)
300 Japan (Japanese)
400 Mexico (Mexican)
500 Germany (German)
600 Greece (Greek)

Country Names (translate to English)
100 L’Allemagne (Germany)
200 L’Inde (India)
300 La Mexique (Mexico)
400 Le Maroc (Morocco)
500 Le Royaume Uni (The United Kingdom)
600 Les Pays Bas (The Netherlands, or Holland)

Countable or Uncountable?
100 banana C
200 excitement UC
300 information UC
400 advice UC
500 experience C
600 fact C

A, an or The?
100 Paris is ___ capital of France. (the)
200 What ___ nice jacket! (a)
300 Picasso was ___ artist. (an)
400 Would you please turn down ___ music? (the)
500 There's ___ bug in my drink! (a)
600 It takes 10 hours by plane to cross ___ Pacific. (the)

Spell the words aloud:
100 afraid
200 lazy
300 scared
400 shocked
500 kitchen
600 frightened

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