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Word Order Interview Activity

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This activity helps Intermediate and Advanced students focus on
the form of questions,as well as giving them the opportunity to
interview one another. First, come up with a list of scrambled
questions. The following is the list that I used:

1. to did you come city this when?
2. this like how you do city?
3. been you restaurants to have good any here?
4. the weekend you over do did what?
5. get today class how to did you?
6. you before ESL have classes taken?
7. holidays how winter spend you your did?
8. was saw the movie last you what?
9. USA your country from how different is the?
10. country what work did kind do you of in your?
11. interests your hobbies what and are?
12. life was exciting most the in your year what?

Either make a worksheet of these sentences, post them on the board,
or dictate them. Give the students ten minutes or so to rewrite the
sentences and go over them as a group. While you go over them, you
might also want to ask them for suggestions for follow up

Next, pair up students, trying to match students who do not know
each other well. They will use these questions to interview each
other. (They can either ask one question and then both answer, or
have one person ask all the questions with the other answering, and
then switch).

This is a good activity to do early in the semester or with a
rolling admissions class that has recently acquired several new

Karin Abell
Durham Technical Community College
[email protected]

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