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Catering for all the intelligences

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Ever since I read Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences I decided to try to cater for all kinds of intelligences or capacities
( some people prefer to call them like this) in my EFL class. At first it seemed a very hard thing to do but as I realized my 8 abilties started to improve I could easily find activities for all of them. I want to share this with you: First of all we need to know these Intelligences are:Visual/ Spatial, Bodily/ Kinesthetic, Musical, Natural, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and the ones our school systems reward: Verbal/ Linguistic and Logical/ Mathematical.
Then, before planning each class we must find the answers to these questions: apart from the written or spoken word, How can I use visual aids to involve this capacity in the process of learning?, What can I ask students to do with their hands or bodies?, What kind of music and sounds relate to this topic?, How can I connect natural things to this?, What kind of pair or group work can I ask students to do?, How can evoke personal feelings or memories? Can I ask students to device something such as a mathematical formula to illustrate what they have learnt? . If you find an answer for each question then you will be catering for all the Intelligences and you will make sure all your students have a chance to enhance their learning.
Moreover, if anyone is weak at any of these capacities you will help this student to strengthen this area and this way you will be providing him/her with another way of looking at the world.

If you have comments or would like to share your views with me, please feel free to contact me: Cecilia Ramirez
Teacher- Teacher- trainer
CR Language School & Educational Consultancy
Buenos Aires. Argentina
[email protected]

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