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Pokimon Fever

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The whole world is experiencing Pokimon fever. If you don't know who this guys are..well where have you been?! I tried to cash in on this fever for my teaching and I then came up with this game.

Ok, if your drawing ability sucks as mine¡ is what you do.
Find a cheap Pokimon Coloring book. Select two pictures and color them in. Laminate them and stick magnets at the back. Now you are ready to play Pokemon fever.

HOW TO PLAY:- Stick the two pictures on the whiteboard. Above them write 20 (or what ever total points you feel like) Divide the class in two teams, each one representing one of the characters on the board. Now ask questions or review your content. For each correct answer the team can roll a die¡K.the total is then subtracted from the other team's points. The first team to have no points left loses.
My kids here in Taiwan are crazy about this. It's kind of hard to describe in print..but pretty easy to play.

Sugestion:- I also made a "Street Fighter" set.

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