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Parachute Man (Hangman variation)

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A variation on the traditional hangman.

On the board, draw a parachute, and a little stick person underneath. Then draw lots of lines from the person to the parachute (the parachute strings). Under the person, draw a large, hungry looking shark or some other scary thing, with its mouth open ready to eat the little person. Then play hangman as usual, but if someone makes a wrong letter-guess, rub out one of the parachute strings...As the parachute strings start disappearing, you can draw a worried looking face on the person etc.

The kids go NUTS over this game! One class went so far as to erase the teeth of the hungry shark below....I have found it works for all ages up to 2nd year middle school. Great fun!!!
(Thanks to Ed for the original idea)

Liz Jones
Ansan, Korea

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