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Business Letters and wordprocessing

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I'm trying to write materials that combine English Business Letters
and wordprocessing. Below is a sample. I'd appreciate some feedback.
What do you think?????

Mike Paine in Bahrain
[email protected]


Grammar Points:

Word Processing functions:

- Drag and Drop.
- Using the Borders Menu to place a border around a paragraph.
- Using Shortcut Keys to increase and decrease the Font size.
- Using Shift + F3 to capitalize.

Switch on your computer, Start Word and open a new document.

Letter 5.1

Type the letter as you see it below.

to point out that the 20 sts of triple mirrors 140 EXUINOXE 8490
Dear Sir, Following our order
must be delivered with fixtures, internal
No: 867/342 of 5th February, we have
bales covered in sacking with metal
our Paris branch. On the other hand, order
No: 867/343 must be sent to our warehouse
to which we shall always give the
lighting, plugs and switches to
remain, Yours faithfully,
strapping. In expectation of your future orders
in Marseilles. The mirrors should be in
greatest care, we

Number the phrases in the correct order.
Use Drag and Drop to rearrange the phrases correctly


- Select the first phrase i.e. 'Dear Sir, Following your order'
- Position the insertion point on the phrase.
- Press the right mouse button. The cursor changes to .
- While holding the right mouse button down, drag the arrow to where you want to 'Drop' the phrase.
- Release the right mouse button.

Continue with the rest of the phrases.
Delete the numbers.
Join the phrases to make sentences.

Save your work as Unit.5

Letter 5.2:

Type the words and the following letter.
Place a border around the words.
Increase the Font size to 17.


- Select the words as a block.
- Open the 'Borders and Shading' dialogue box and choose the 'Shadow' border.
- (Alt + O + B + A)
- Make sure that the 'Apply to' box says 'Paragraph'.
- Click OK or press Enter.
- If you wish, you can experiment with the dialogue box to add colour or shading.
- To increase the Font size, select the words as a block and use the Shortcut Keys Ctrl + ].

depot according to fragile goods received international containers instructions

Dear Sir, We have received your letter of 5th January. The goods will be sent to your depot in Hamburg according to your instructions as soon as possible. All the containers are clearly marked with the accepted international sign - fragile - top - bottom. We thank you for your order and remain, Yours faithfully,

Find the words in the passage and delete them.
As you delete, tap in three spaces in place of the word.


- An easy way to delete a word is: double click to select and then tap the space bar.

Now use Drag and Drop to replace the words in their correct positions.
Reduce the Font size with Ctrl + [
Delete the border.


- Select the border.
- Press Del.

Save your work.


Letter 5.3:

In this exercise you have to identify and correct grammar, punctuation mistakes and word omissions.
Type the letter as you see it.

Dear Sirs,

Follow your letter of 8th August we enclosing detail concerning shipment of our order No: A/765.

Each articles must be pack in special cases to be avoid all risk of damage while transport.

Please to deliver the good to our shippers warehouse and send the bill duplicate.

Yours faithfuly,

Correct the grammar mistakes.
Check your work with the Answer Key.

Save your work.

Letter 5.4:

Type the following 'word snake'.
As you type, separate the words and add punctuation and capital letters.
To add capitals, place the insertion point in front of the letter you want to capitalize and press Shift + F3.
Arrange the letter correctly.






Save your work.

Exercise 5.1:

Type the following phrases.
Use the TAB key to arrange them across the page.
Place a border round each phrase as in Unit.4.

straps, and will be shipped to your

that you will appreciate the quality of

in bales and secured with metal

depot in Exeter. We trust

your letter of 9th January. The boxes

will be covered in sacking, packed

our products and we hope to have

Dear Mr Westwood, We have received

the opportunity of doing

Number the sentences in the correct order.
Remove the borders.
Use Drag and Drop to rearrange the sentences correctly.
Delete the numbers.
Join the phrases to make complete sentences.
Arrange the letter correctly.

Save your work.

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