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Parts of Speech Auction

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Parts of Speech Auction

I've been getting lots of help from the many wonderful teachers who have contributed to this page to enliven my class. I teach a group of students from Mainland China, and as most of my classes are scheduled in the afternoons, my students really need up and running activities to keep them awake and interested. Here's one I've devised which promises a lot of lively interaction, and at the same time, gets the students to practise sentence construction. Have fun.

Level: Can be modified to suit any level
Time: 40 - 60 minutes
Objectives: understanding parts of speech, practicing sentence construction

Materials needed:
Wads of self-made currency in 10s. 50s, 100s, 200s, and 500s
Cut out individual words (make around 20 nouns, 20 verbs, 10 adverbs, 15 articles, 15 pronouns and 20 prepositions) mounted on hard cardboard/manila paper.
A large box/bag for the words

Activity type:
Pair/Group work - pairs or make groups of 3; give each group the following:
10 ten dollars (or whatever you call the currency) notes
20 fifty dollars notes
20 one hundred dollars notes
10 two hundred dollars notes
2 five hundred dollars notes
In total, each pair/groups should have $6100 to start with.

Note the following before beginning game:
Write the following on the board:
1. The lowest bid for each noun or verb is $10
2. The lowest bid for each pronoun, article and preposition is $20
3. The lowest bid for each adverb is $50

Point system:
1. Sentence which has 4 - 6 words: 1 point
2. Sentence which has 7 - 10 words: 2 points
3. Sentence with more than 10 words: 3 points (although this will be very rare)

1. Distribute the specified amount of currency notes to each pair/group. Write out the word `auction' on the board, and columns for the various pairs/groups for points keeping.
2. Put words in a bag/ box.
3. Draw out one word, and ask the pairs/groups to begin bidding for the word. The word goes, of course, to the highest bidder (make sure you adhere to the lowest a pair/group can bid for the various parts of speech).
4. The bidding continues until one pair/group makes a complete and correct sentence (if the group's sentence is incorrect, the bidding continues).
5. The pair/group which has made a sentence must call out `done'. The teacher/ assistance teacher will check the sentence (for correctness). If the sentence is correct, the group will receive points based on the length of the sentence (see above). This round of bidding is then completed. The teacher will re-distribute the currency (or keep it as it is to make the game harder and more challenging) for another round of bidding (all the words will either go back to the bag/box, or the game may proceed from whatever remains in the bag).
6. The group with the most points at the end of the session is the winner.

Submitted by:

Andrew Ng

E-mail me for any comments: [email protected]

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