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A Christmas Jazz Chant

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This jazz chant is perfect for those who have just started learning English because it is very
simple, using the present simple with a splattering of prepositions.
I divide the class into two groups, A and B. I then read the chant through followed by having
the students read it through. Then I introduce the clapping as it is read through one more
time. Then we start! First group A has the sentence, and group B the chorus, then the
pattern is reversed. The chant can be repeated many times as confidence is gained.
A: Santa comes with presents
B: Ho Ho Ho

A: He wraps them up with ribbons
B: Ho Ho Ho

A: He puts them in a sack
B: Ho Ho Ho

A: The presents with the ribbons, in a sack, on his back!
B: Ho Ho Ho

A & B: Ho Ho Ho!

Julia Manitius
Bornholm, Denmark
[email protected]

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