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Presents for Christmas

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Christmas Presents - Elementary to Intermediate levels

My students bring tea, coffee, and cake (or I make something “typically English”) for our last class
before Christmas. Each student brings a wrapped present which they have bought at an agreed-upon

Using phrases such as Christmas tree, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, snow flakes, plum pudding,
stuffed turkey , Christmas Day, filled stockings, jingle bells, silent night, cranberry sauce, etc., I
prepare small cards with each one of the words from the two-word phrases printed on it. One of the
words is taped on the present (sometimes I us the first, and other times the second word from the
phrase). When all the presents have been collected and put in a pile so as the word taped on them is
visible, I give out the cards with the other words from the phrases to each student, and they pin on
themselves. (Since I teach Danish students, I am able to use L1 to explain what they must do.) I then
go on with the class making a point of using the phrases that the students must find.

The idea is that when a student sees a word on a parcel that matches a word on one of the other
students to make a phrase, he or she takes the present and gives it to the person saying, “I have a
present for you, Merry Christmas”. When all the presents have been given out, each student tells the
class the phrase that their word and the word on the present, makes. The teacher makes sure the
phrases are correct. When it is ensured they are correct, the students open their presents. The
activity continues by the students saying what they have received, and how they will use it.

Julia Manitius
Bornholm, Denmark
[email protected]

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