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Halloween SURPRISE!

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The purpose of this game is to help students describe feeling in English. I use this lesson in Japan where it is not common for them to discuss this topic in Japanese.
First, I get a pumpkin that will be used later for a Jack-O-Lantern. I come in the class dressed-up. I dress-up like a woman in Kimono with white make-up and everything.Then I explain that their are four main feelings at Halloween. I use pictures or actions to display them. Write the feelings on the board. Students then have a contest in teams to draw a pumpkin face that they want displayed on the pumpkin in front.Give them time because they will have to explain the feeling of their pumpkin.
After some time, teams explain the feeling of their pumpkin in English. Students then submit their work for you to judge. I quickly judge the winner by the creativity and the ease of which to cut the pattern. The winners get to draw the face onto the pumpkin while the others get to take icing and make faces on cookies in the shape of pumpkins. I baked the cookies myself making simple sugar cookies. Anyways, the students then show their pumpkins to partners and explain the feeling.
Bon Apetit!
It is a pretty cool lesson that is very cultural and gives time for questions and answers or explanations about a very cultural event.
Let me know how it works.
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