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How to Start a Conversation

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This is not a traditional ESL textbook; rather, it is
a self-help book for shy people. However, as a teacher
of ESL in the states, I have found that several of my
students have difficulty making friends outside the
classroom. The book "How to Start a Conversation and
Make Friends" by Dan Gabor (1983, Simon and Schuster)
(ISBN 0-671-47421-9) has some good tips for people who
have trouble getting started with a conversation, including
body language tips and a list of "50 Ways to Improve Your
Conversations." For the most part, the English in it is
pretty easy (apart from a few idioms that would need
explaining). After I had my class listen to a segment of the
book on tape, several people came up to me and asked about the
name and title of the book. I think I originally bought it at
Barnes and Noble.

--Karin M. Abell
ESL Instructor, Durham Technical Community College
Durham, North Carolina

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