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Mad Libs: Extremely Funny Stories!!!

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Mad libs. How this game works: First write a story, I find a horror story is the best or find one on the 'net and take out certain words(usually key words) and put an underlined space. Do this throughout the story and remember what type of word(noun, verb, adjective, etc) should be in the underlined space. Write a list of the words in the order of appearance. Next tell the students to write a noun, any noun on a piece of paper(if the first word is a noun of course) and so on throughout the story. After this is done, have the students place the words they thought of into the story. The stories turn out very wacky and gives the students a laugh. And then you can have them read out their stories to the class or to a partner. I don't know if I explained the game well, so just in case, the game is called Mad Libs. I'm sure the rules are on the internet. Enjoy!

Harry Lee
Toronto, ON

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