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If you've ever tried to look up the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
by Clement Moore, you might be surprised to find that there are about
20 different versions of it available on the web. One that I found
particularly interesting was entitled "Technical Night Before
go to
or use and type in "Night Before Christmas"

I had my students attempt to read it after we'd read the real poem
together (going over any difficult words like "nestled" or "stirring").
The copy of "Technical Night..." I'd given them had certain words
underlined, and I posted a matching quiz on the board for them to
complete. (I didn't let anyone use a dictionary; they were only allowed
to compare the two versions of the poem).
Choose whichever words you think the students should know: for my
Advanced class (containing a few people studying for the GRE, I
had them match:
ebullient with enthusiastic; alacrity with speed;
ascertaining with figuring out; ungulate with hoofed; fenestration
with window; hirsute with hairy; Yuletide with Christmas; ensconced
with secured; conjugal with marital; plethora with large number;
cognomen with name; trepidation with fear/dread; digit with finger;
jocund with merry; and repose with rest.

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