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Movie Charades

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This is a fun game that works with all levels and takes 0 preperation.

First of all, spend about 10 minutes asking your students to name all the movies they can think of. (Usually, I stop after about 20-30, but you can leave the list on the board all day, so at the end of the day you end up with a list of over 100+ movies.)

Once you get a decent list, tell your students you will play a little game. There are infinite variations of this, but the basic format I like to use is:

Round 1: Students, working alone, must describe a movie, using anything they want. For example, the director is George Lucas, and the main actors are Mark Hamil and Harrison Ford.

Round 2: The students, again acting alone, can only say lines that the characters from the movie would say, ie: "I am your father Luke," or "I'm gonna kill Darth Vader for killing Obi Wan Kenobi" etc. In other words, they can only say character names, places in the movie, etc.

Round 3: You might want to put them into groups, but I found that even low level students can do this one alone: In this round, students cannot talk. They must act out a scene from the movie without talking. For example, I act out the light sabre fight using two pencils.

All my students had a great time with this game, from basic beginners to advanced students. Enjoy...

Harold Chung ([email protected])
Honolulu, Hawaii
Kyoung Sung Langugage Institute, Pusan, S.Korea

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