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Big Thom's In, On and Between Concentration

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Time Prepositions

An almanac, encyclopedia or History Book
Student records
*some dates and ideas are in the "notes" section

1: Make a set of Concentration Cards as follows:
2: Take a sheet of copy papaer and fold in half across its width.
3: Then fold in half lenth wise two times
4: This gives you 8 equal sized squares for cards.
5: Use a pencil/pen and ruler to draw in borders for cutting
6: Copy as many sheets as you will need for the game
7: Turn the copies over and hand feed through the machine. Photocopy a map or
other distracting pattern on the back so the students are unable to see
through the back of the cards and, therefore, cannot cheat.
8: Use an almanac or history book to pick famous dates. (student records can be
used to get birthdays, this adds a lot to the student’s interest in the game)
9: On one card, write the event, on the oother card, write the date/year.
[December 7, 1941] [Pearl Harbor Bombed]
10: Lastly make 3 cards, labeled [IN] [ON] [BETWEEN]

Game Play:

1: Standard concentration.
2: Put events on one side of the talbe, dates and days on the other.
3: The <[N/ON/BETWEEN] cards go in the middle
4: Student chooses Date card and begins the sentence. Days and dates, of course use
“On”. Years call for “In” and a spread of dates call for “between”
5: Student should say the sentence each time, using the correct preposition for the
date drawn, regardless of whether the cards match.

Example: Student draws “On April 15th, 1912....”
Draws next card “Neil Armostrong becoms the first man to walk
on the moon.”


Students may not know all the days and dates. of course, so the teacher should be
ready to help them. “What happend on April 15th 1912?” -blank stares - “Did
anyone see that movie Titanic?” or my favorite, “That looks like someone’s

It’s a good idea to keep a list of which dates match which events or birthdays, so
you can help the students and not look like an idiot for forgetting that William the
Conqueror fought the battle of hastings in 1066.

Here's a handy list of a few famous dates (some may be wrong, I don’t have my
cards here or almanac here)

April 15, 1912 Titanic Sinks
July 2, 1969? Neil Armostrong and Buzz Aldrin the first men on the
1907 Wrights make first flight at Kitty Hawk, NC
1927? Charles Lindbergh Solos the atlantic
1939-1945 World War II is fought in Europe
December 7, 1941 Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor
1914-1918 World War I is fought in Eirope
1940? (maybe ‘41) The Battle of Britain is Fought
1957 USSR Launches Sputnik
November 1963? President Kennedy is assinated

Other good things I don’t know the dates for, but will help give you some ideas...

XXXX-XXXX Joan of Arc Lives
XXXX-XXXX Elvis Presley Lives
18XX Albert Einstein is born
18XX The electric Lightbulb is invented
18XX Meji Restoration begins in Japan
XXXX Mongols Invasion of Japan thwarted by Kamikaze

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