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Vocabulary Go Fishing

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1: Pictures for "cut and Paste" vocabulary
2: photocopier
3: map

Directions for making:

1: I start by folding a paper in half, lengthwise.
2: Then I fold the other way two times and unfold.
3: This gives me 8 equally sized cards.
4: Draw lines with a ruler on the creases so you can see to cut after you photocopy.
5: Cut and paste vocabulary target pictures on the cards. (leave a space to write the words)
6: Photocopy at a set for each student. (You'll need an even number of cards so you may have to make a set for yourself)
7: Turn the copies over and photocopy the map on the other side so they can't look through the "cards" and cheat.
8: Cut and give to students.


1: Students write in the vocabulary words with the correct pictures.
2: I usually give them a word bank and help them choose wich vocab matches which pictures.
(If the students are young, I write with them)
3: When the cards are made, play "Go fish."
Note:Go fish is a matching game. Deal each student 5 cards. The students take turn querrying each other. "Kenji, do you have a fox?" If yes, kenji passes it over and the student lays down his pair. If no, Kenji says, "Go fish" and the student must draw from the pile. First one without cards wins.

This is a good game for kids and adults when introducing new vocabulary. It also helps people in big classes learn each others names

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