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Preference Bingo

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This is a good game for big groups (ie more than 4)


Bingo cards with large blank squares for the students to write in
at least 24 "preference cards." (ex: Do you prefer Brad Pitt or Leonardo DeCaprio?)

1: Teacher reads question on preference card.
2: Students write their choice in a random blank space on the card
3: Read cards until all the blanks are filled.
4: Fold preferecne cards and put into can or bag
5: Use a spinner or randomizing device to pick different students to draw, read the question and state their preference. "I prefer Brad Pitt."
6: All students mark their cards
7: First student to get a line scores "Bingo"

Notes: You can get several phrases to state preferences so the students can choose. "I like Brad Pitt better than Leonardo DeCaprio." etc.

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