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Advanced survival-role playing

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I work with an informal class which consists of adult students at various proficiency levels. I finally decided to ask them what they wanted from the class because, it was almost impossible for me to determine appropriate topics due to the diversity in lang. levels, not to mention interests. They told me that they want to know more about performing tasks such as going to the post office, ordering at a restaurant, ordering items by phones, going to the bank, visiting a bar, going to the doctor, getting a hair cut, and eating at a friend's home.
The first lesson of this type was ordering an item over the phone. I provided a variety of catalogs and asked students to chose an item they wished to purchase. We discussed what is needed to place an order(item number, credit card, etc.) and the many ways that an operator may ask for such information. After much discussion and a brief role play with a willing student, the students acted out the roles of operator and purchaser in pairs.

Good luck.

Jennifer Aly
[email protected]
Knoxville, TN

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