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I'm teaching a bunch of tough, unmotivated Bahraini
navy recruits. As well as English I've just started
teaching them Word and Excel. To my great surprise, I can't
get them away from the computers. So I am now experimenting
with doing EFL writing exercices using wordprocessing operations
like copy and paste to manipulate sentences. Has anyone out there done
anything like this? What I'm looking for are different exercise types.
The ones I find work OK are language lab type drills, where copy and paste can
be used for the fixed increment part. Rearrange words to make sentences using drop and drag - and sentences
to make paragraphs. Also all sorts of correcting exercises. I've also given
a dictation. They print off their work. I correct it on paper and they correct their original.
Anyone got any other ideas????

The name's Mike Paine
[email protected]

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