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A game for all levels and all cultures.

groups of 2 or 3.
first go over various superheroes and their attributes.
get the students to brainstorm this one.
then they must invent and name their hero
also do a sketch of it. ( I had one come up with Lazy Boy)
anyway the mythical figure must have 5 things it can
do and of course a nemesis. Also what will take away your heroe's
power (Kryptonite or Cryptonite whatever) here it could be
green tea ice cream or something, and everyones will be different of course because they're in separate groups.
anywaythat takes up to a half hour or more.
then they must invent a situation of peril (trapped in a bank robbery
or earthquake or lost in space.
go around the class and read each situation and see who'se superhero
could save the day.
For example if you're lost in space there may be a hero around
who doesn't need oxygen. However if you're out at sea there may
be a superhero who cannot get wet. Whichever hero can save the most
people wins. Everyone loved this game.

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