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"Typhoon" is a great game to play with kids in Taiwan, and other places where typhoons are an everyday reality! It can be used to reinforce any structure taught, or to practice vocabulary, and the kids go crazy. I've never had a class in which it hasn't been a success.

The game is quite simple. You, the teacher, draw a big blank grid on the board, which must be sized according to the size of the class - 3 by 4 if there are 10-12 kids, 5 by 5 for a class of 25, etc. The grid is labelled using letters at the top, and numbers down the side. You should have your own identical grid drawn in your file, in which each square contains a number (0-5), or a "T", for "typhoon." The class is divided into two teams, and questions are put to each kid in the class, going from team to team. If the question if answered correctly, the child chooses a square on the grid. You then consult your book and allocate the number of points in the square to that team. Should a child choose a square with a "T" in it, you shout "typhoon", and the OTHER team loses all the points they've already gained. Fairly simple, but wild, even though it's done on the board - you might need to control the noise level. The team with the most points left at the end of the game is the winner.

This game can be made more interesting by allowing the kids to choose their own team names - they love to use the vocab they've already gained. I also usually draw houses, instead of just allocating points - one side of the house for one point - so that the idea of the typhoon destroying the houses is more obvious.

I must confess that this game wasn't my own idea - it came to me via other English teachers in Taiwan, and has a proven success rate at many schools!!!

- Louise : Taipei, Taiwan

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