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I love using songs in the classroom and was told this wonderful game by a work collegue. The idea is simple and the only prep you need to have done is enough copies of the lyrics of one song for every two students. Put the students in pairs. One is the secretary and one is the runner. Line all the secretaries up so that they are seated, facing a wall. On the opposite wall pin up copies of lyrics. The runner's job is to race to the lyric sheet and memorize the first line, run back to their secretary and repeat the line. They continue this way until all the lyrics are completed.
This game is usually quite rowdy and ,if you have competeive students, can be hilarious. It enables the students to have reading writing, listening and speaking practice all at the same time. I try to vary the game by having runners and secretaries swap roles every five lines. It's a lot of fun and I'm sure it's been around for ages...Enjoy.

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