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Ghosts and spiders

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This game can be played by all ages, especially elementary school students.
You will need a whiteboard (or chalkboard), two colored magnets, a marker pen (or chalk - depending on how trampy your school is!!!!) and a dice.
Draw a big circle on the board and divide it into twelve segments so it looks like a huge pizza!! Now draw a ghost in one segment (like a Pacman ghost) and repeat this seven times so you have a ghost in eight different random segments. Now draw two spiders in two different segments and then finally draw two crosses in the remaining two segments.
Divide the class into two teams and place one colored magnet on the left hand side of the circle (team one) and the other magnet on the right hand side (team two).
Give each team ten lives. Do this by writing TEAM 1 and underneath it draw ten dashes, do the same for TEAM 2.
The object of the game is for ecah team to try and eliminate the other by killing off their lives.
Ask Team 1 a question, if they get it correct then they can throw the dice. Move their corresponding magnet clockwise around the pizza. If they land on a Ghost then they can erase one life from the opposing team. If they land on a Spider they themselves lose a life and if they land on a cross then they gain a life. Now Team 2 have their turn and this continues until one team loses all ten lives the winner is the team left with lives. The game should last about fifteen minutes depending on how intelligent your student are!!!! If you want it to last longer add more crosses, if you want it to be shorter add more ghosts and spiders. Enjoy!!!
Any questions contact [email protected].
DAN - Teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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