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Defending Your Job With The Present Perfect

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This is a good conversational activity to reinforce the present perfect (or the simple past). It's only going to work if you have a group that comfortable with one another so
I wouldn't recommend using it near the beginning of the course. Obviously you wouldn't want to use it in a situation where people really are in danger of losing their jobs, if possible.

Pretend you've been handed a document from some higher ups in the company that informs you of a planned downsizing of the company. You, the English teacher are such a good judge
of character and performance that you have the judge of deciding which students keep their jobs and which don't. You can ham it up a little bit and pretend to be astonished by such
horrible news. You can then ask the students "What have you done for company X?" - encourage them to come up with ridiculous responses like "I have left my family to devote more time
to my job". After they've all had a turn doing that pretend that you still can't decide and tell them you'll need to hear "the dirt" about their co-workers (the other classmates) to
make the decision. They should have a good time slagging their classmates with bogus misdeeds, ex. "Gustavo hasn't arrived on time to work for 2 years". After this has gone on for awhile
you can pretend someone is calling you to the door and gives you another letter. This letter informs you that due to a recent increase in profits the company won't need to lay off anyone
after all. Be sure to breathe a big sigh of relief.

Dave Pearl
Santiago, Chile
[email protected]

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