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The purpose of this game is to practise vocabulary relating to specific topics. In addition to increasing learners’ speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills it will also increase their abilitiy to predict content in reading passages and short stories.

Step One

Tell the learners that they will soon get a reading passage or hear a short story (depending on whether you want to concentrate on reading or listening comprehension) entitled (for example) “In the post office”. Ask them individually to make a list of 16 content words that will most probably be found in the text. Ask them to use bilingual dictionaries to look up words that they don’t know or are not sure of. When they are finished, ask them to compare and discuss their indivudual lists in pairs or groups of three.

Step Two

Ask the learners to prepare individual ‘bingo cards’ containing four columns and four rows, i.e. 16 squares. Next, ask them to write the 16 words from their individual word lists in the 16 squares; one word for each square and in no particular order.

Step Three

Alternative one: reading comprehension

Hand out the texts. Ask the learners to read through the texts and cross off all the words from the ‘bingo cards’ that are also in the text. Next, ask them to count how many complete horisontal or vertical lines they have produced by crossing words off. The winner is the one with the largest number of crossed-out lines.

Alternative two: listening comprehension

Ask the learners to listen carefully to a short story from a tape-recorder (or read out by the teacher). Ask them to cross out the words from their bingo ‘cards’ when they hear them, and invite the first learner to complete a horisontal or vertical line to call out “I have a line.” The winner is the one with the largest number of crossed-out lines.

Step Four

Ask the learners to produce as many sentences as possible using their personal four-word lines (horisontal and vertical) and irrespectively of whether they were crossed out or not. After five minutes or so, ask them to share/compare their sentences with their classmates.

Rolf Palmberg

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