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This is fun way of recycling vocabulary and much more! Make a list of words, phrasal verbs, expressions, etc, that you have taught your students recently. Next to each word that you can glue to a card write M for mime, S for speak, D for draw. Explain the game to the class. Divide the class in two groups. One student from each group comes forward, you show the card and he/she goes quickly back to his/her group to mime, draw or speak and thus try to give the correct information so that the others can guess the word. You keep the score. Warning: students can become very competitive so don't let the activity go on too long.
This is suitable for all levels and adaptable to grammar practice:
prepositions (the group gets an extra point by giving the correct one in the context), word order (producing a correct sentence with the word/expression), etc.

Have fun!

Marcia from Montpellier,

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