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Stuffed Globe

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I have a stuffed globe that I got at an educational store. It's
about the size of a regular globe, only it's stuffed like a teddy
bear. On the first day of class, I bring the globe in along with some
colored map/common pins. I pass the globe around the class and
ask students to introduce themselves: a) what's their name b) what
country are they from c) what is their first language. As they intro-
duce themselves, they mark their country with a colored pin from the
box of pins, then pass the globe and the box of pins to their neighbor. I model the exercise
Note that I model the exercise first by introducing myself and marking
my country - then I pass the globe to a first student. After the last
person has introduced themselves, I write on the board the number of
people from each country represented. We also, as a class, group the
countries by continents. Finally, the globe makes its way around the
room one more time, pins and all, so that everyone can get an overall
sense of where everyone is from. It's a fun introduction.

Chris Kowalcky
Boston, MA/ USA

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