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"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is our news brodcast for today..."

We are used to listening to this introduction everyday on tv. So, if our students are familiar with it, why don't we let them produce their own news broadcast?
You can divide the class in groups of four or five and have them make a report of any piece of news they want (politics, sports, weather, etc)
Then they will present it in front of the classroom. You can do it with all the stuff of a tv studio (I mean you can create your own cameras, etc)
An interview could be included and the rest of the atudents may ask questions to the presenters or the interviewed person.

A variation of this could be a newspaper edition instead of the news broadcast. The newspaper edition implies an oral exposition and also you can make a contest to see which is the best newspaper.
News don't have to be real. They can be invented.

Mauricio Vizcaíno
[email protected]

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