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Puff`s Magic

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This is a good idea not only for a listening activity, but as a class opener. Music is something that I enjoy using in class and the students I have had consistenly enjoyed this activity. Here goes:

1. Get students into a seated circle and give them a copy of the lyrics to "Puff the Magic Dragon. Play through the song "Puff the Magic Dragon".

2. Have them sing the first verse and the first part of the chorus with you after you have explained some of the more difficult words. Now, have them put the lyrics away out of sight. They must only listen for the rest of the activity.

3. In a game situation, take out one of the chairs and have the person stand in the middle. Explain to the students that the goal of this game is to NOT be the last one standing in the middle by the time the song ends and that every time they hear the word, "Puff", they must move to a different seat. Of course, the person originally standing tries to get a seat, too, as fast as they can.

4. After playing through the whole song, the last one standing is required to sing the first verse of the song by themselves. I play this as a competition and give prizes for the best singers and pronouncers of words. I have the other students clap for the best singer.

This game is really good for making students listen to English lyrics. My students have a ball with it and are hot, sweaty, and laughing at the end. Of course, the person having to sing is a little embarassed, but they don`t seem to mind.

The lyrics are easy to find on the Internet for any song really and it makes a good introduction for the topic of music.

Dan Ferguson [email protected]


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