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Definition Poker

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1. Hand out slips of paper on which words are written at random; choose the words according to the class level. Explain beforehand that the students must keep a poker face, that they must not give away whether or not they know the definition of this word. Explain, perhaps, the concept of bluffing.

2. Require each student to give the part of speech, definition of the word, and an example (in a sentence) of how the word is used.

3. The other students vote 'correct' or 'incorrect'.

4. Depending on whether or not the students' guesses are correct, they should be punished (e.g. tell a story or secret or do some ridiculous dare) or rewarded. If the word definer does not manage to fool anyone, he or she receives the punishment, which should have some English conversational purpose.

*The same thing can be done with idioms, cliches, proverbs, but then we call it 'Proverb Poker'.

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