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Extra Jeapordy Categories

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When I play Jeapordy with my class, we mostly review things
we've covered in class recently. Still, sometimes I don't get
enough good categories from the class material. I started
including International Geography stuff, with great success.
Here are some useful categories you might consider
including the next time you play Jeapordy with a class:

Scrambled countries: Here, you give the name of a country with
the letters scrambled up. Some examples:
ENEMY (Yemen)
PURE (Peru)
SAILER (Israel)
PENALTIES (Palestine)
LAITY (Italy)
INLACED (Iceland)
BIALY (Libya)
REGALIA (Algeria)

Another category is "Name that flag." Make your own
pictures of flags using crayons or construction paper.
(The pictures I used as references were in The World
Almanac, although this material is available many places).
It's best to choose a country where nobody in class is from
so that no one had an advantage.

International Currency
Some sample questions:
In Britain, the unit of currency is the pound. What is the
slang word for "pound"? (quid)
Name three countries that use the dinar (Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq,
Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Tunisia)
What country uses the drachma (Greece)
What currency is used in Poland? (the zloty)
What countries use the lira (Italy, Malta, Turkey)
What currency is used in Belgium (the franc; also used in
What currency is used in German (the mark)

There's many other possibilities for using Geographical
information: Capital cities, Bordering Countries, etc.

Karin Abell
Durham Technical Community College

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