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The Gummy Bear Romp

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"The Gummy Bear Romp"

Levels: Low to Intermediate
Applications: Review or introduce 1.Colours.
2.Animals and/or objects vocabulary
3.Interrogatives:"Do you want...?"
"Do you have...?"
4.Responses: "Yes, I do"
"No, I don't"
"I don't have..." etc.
Supplies needed: 1.A bag of gummy bears or two.
2.A good picture dictionary or pictures of animals
or other objects.
Optimum group size: 1 - 30
Variations: Limited only by your imagination.

This particular activity can be adapted to almost any environment.

Start the activity with a bag of gummy bears. You'll probably find that each bag of candy has maybe 4 or 5 different colours. Depending on class size, you might want to form several groups.
1. Start off by making sure that everyone knows what a bear is and by showing the various colours of candy bears that you have; (usually red, yellow, green, white and orange). Begin by asking a student if he/she would like a particular colour of candy bear which you have.
ie"Do you want a red candy bear?"
Response will be either, "Yes I do" or "No, I want a (different colour) candy bear please". Of course, give them what they asked for.
Continue this process until each student has a candy bear.
2. Next, redo the questioning but this time, introduce colours which you don't actually have ie"Do you want a purple candy bear?"
Possible responses: "No, I want a red candy bear" or
"Yes I do" to which you respond
"I don't have a purple candy bear. What do
you want?"

3.Continue with the questioning and alter as many variables as you wish which will stimulate an ongoing give and take dialogue.

Possible scenario: Teacher: Do you want a green elephant candy?
Student: No, I don't. I want a blue octopus candy.
Teacher: I'm sorry, I don't have a blue octopus
candy. What do you want?
Student: You don't have a blue octopus candy?
Teacher: No, I'm sorry I don't. What do you want?
Student: I want a pink worm candy.
Teacher: I'm sorry, I don't have a pink worm
candy. What do you want?
4. Once the students get the idea of the activity, they can take turns asking and answering the questions of the teacher or of other students.
You'll probably find that this activity works best with a picture dictionary which the kids can peruse while asking the various questions. This way, they encounter new words and get the chance to use them in conversation albeit in a fun and silly way. For example:
Student A: Do you want an orange gorilla candy?
Student B: No I want a purple underwear candy.
And so on.

Anyhow, have fun with it. Any ideas you may have on this one would be greatly appreciated.
Pierre Ostrowski
[email protected]

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