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This activity is fine for teaching/revising vocabulary. Itīs both simple and fun. See how you like it...

Select a word category (eg musical instruments, wild animals, nationalities...anything goes!) Allow stds. a minute or so to write down as many appropriate words as they can. The teacher should also write ONE word belonging to the chosen category. Thatīs HIS/HER word...and it must be kept secret till the students have read their answers.

Then students take it in turns to read one of their words at a time. The first time a correct answer is given, the student who said the word (eg guitar) gets 3 points for it. All the others who wrote the same word get 1 point for their efforts. Suppose that the teacherīs word was, for instance, "piano". Should a student come up with that answer, Teacher says "My Word!" out and aloud and the lucky student gets 10 points for striking the right key, while the others get none for that particular word. This ends the round. Students add up their points and try another word category.

Should no one come up with the teacherīs word, s/he says it out and aloud and the bonus 10 points accumulate for the following round, when a lucky student will get 20 points, 30 or even more...

After a few rounds, the student with the most points wins the game.

When you are done, you may wish to go through the studentsī lists again and check whether any right words remained unsaid or just add a few more anyway.

The teacher is free to choose his/her word, of course. As a rule of thumb, the lower the stdsīs level, the simpler your words should be. You donīt expect a group of young beginners to say cymbals or tuba...or do you?

Devised by Joan M. Díez Clivillé
IESI Ramon Berenguer IV
Amposta, Tarragona (SPAIN)
[email protected]
[email protected]

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