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3 Part Sentences

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This game is a great way to get your students involved in practicing their grammar both out loud and on paper.
You need three boxes (box tops, hats, or bins will work). The first should be labeled Tense, the second labeled Pronouns and the last labeled Positive/Negative.
In each box have slips of paper related to the label. For instance, in Tense - have future, past, present. In Pronouns - I, you, he, she, they, we. In Positive/Negative you will have one with positive and the other with negative. I try to make at least three sets of each for the box so that the students will feel as if there is more variety.
Each student comes up to the front of the classroom and pulls out one slip of paper from each box. The teacher then calls out an infinitive verb and the student must say a sentence for the class using that verb with the Tense, Pronoun and Positive/Negative slips they pulled.
If they get it correct - that student gets 2 points. If it is incorrect, another student can steal. I usually play that the first hand I see up gets to try. If they get it correct - they get one point. I like to have all students' names on the board when keeping score - they really get involved when they see who is winning!
After each correct sentence is said aloud by a student - all students must write it down on a piece of paper to turn in at the end of class. This way, they are practicing written and oral grammar.

Jennifer McDonnell
Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]

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