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A. SETTING: An upper beginner or lower intermediate
EFL Class
B. AGE GROUP: 11-13 years old
C. LESSON OBJECTIVES: 1) Students can describe
some culutures to thier
2) Students can display thier
knowldege related to American
1) Motivationg activity: The students will talk about interesting or fun cutomes, holidays or foods that belong to other countries in their native languages.

2) The class will be divided into groups where two or three students will work together. Then, the teacher will ask them to decide which aspects of American culture they will search. For instance, some students will work with American holidays, foods, and so forth.

3) Thier project is to write a team report of what they found with the topics. They are supposed to introudes their topics in depth to thier classmates. Because different groups will choose different topics, the teacher expects them to learn various and differnt American culutures from other groups' work.

3) After they decide what topics they will work for their group projects, they will start surfing on Web to find sites where they can get information of thier topics. The teacher will also introduce some valuable web-sites to help students' effective search.

4) When they are ready, they will hand out their team reports written in English to the teacher, including which web-sites they have referred to.

5) Other groups and the teacher, then, will evaluate other groups' work whether the information they provided is clearly conveyed in English and helpful for getting good information.

6) Finally, they will discuss what aspects of American culture are learned from this project and whether they were helpful to understand other country(US this time) more and, if so, how. They will also share thier effectuve web search strategies and thier opinions of how surfing web is helpful for thier English readings.

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