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This is taken from the well known board game. You need to prepare a series of cards (or paper) with a word at the top. It doesnt really matter if the word is easy or or difficult, nouns are the best, but you can focus on emotions or verbs or anything you like. Under the title word you need to list 2 or 3 (or more if you want to make it more difficult) words connected to the title object. The student must then describe the title word without using it, or the associated words. This will make them think about the English they use, and everyone will be involved. eg: Door. Asssociated words: handle, open/close. Possible description: This is something you walk through when entering a room. Most rooms have them, and they can help in keeping a room quiet from the outside... and so on. The person who guesses the correct title word, can then take a turn with another card. Have fun!

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