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This 'recipe' works well after students have gotten to know a little about each other - perhaps the second part of the first class meeting or the second day of class. Distribute small strips of paper (1 or 2) to the students. Make sure the strips are all the same, that way no one will be able to guess by the size or shape of the paper. On the strips the students write one "fact" about themselves that the others do not know. Tell the students it shouldn't be something extremely obvious to guess. For example, one young blond headed student wrote "I have gray hair". Gather the strips in a hat or bowl and then have each student pick out a strip and read the fact out loud. The student who reads then has three guesses as to who it is. If the student does not guess after three times, the person who wrote the fact should say "It is me". It sometimes turns out funny. With the girl with the gray hair, no one believed and ended up looking through her head! Questions and furhter discussion spring from this as well.

Marcie Williams
New York City
[email protected]

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