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It's been said so often, it would seem like second nature, but the best way to learn something yorself is to teach it to others. As review sessions before the Midterm and Final Exams I have the students teach the class. I put them in small groups of 3 or 4 and assign each group an important grammar point we've studied in class that will appear on the exam. In all my classes I invent a lot of games and activities to make the class fun and exciting, such as charades with verbs, theater performances in real life situations like in a reastaurant, bank, hotel, etc., bingo, board competitins,etc. So when it comes time for them to teach the class, they have experience with participating in fun, challenging activities already. It's amazing the creativity and enthusiasm they summon up to teach their classmate! This has worked so fabulously well for me, and I teach both university ESL and Spanish, that I do it every semester. Allowing the students to shine on their "teaching day" also gives them incredible confid
ence! They brag to their friends how they taught the class and always say how much they enjoyed it on their evaluations. Julia, [email protected]

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