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Triple Echo

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This is great in a situation where the students are learning
something a little demanding and you want to reinforce it
an undemanding way. Quite simply it is this.....model
a repetition of a dialogue or some sentences with you the
teacher (person A in a group A,B,C) reading/speaking in short phrases
and students B and C repeating in echo fashion. In the modelling
process you really focus on any incorrect pronunciation. If the
students make a mistake you make them do it again. Finally,
put the students in groups of 3 appointing one student(A) as teacher
with their book open and (B) and (C) with their books closed.
This is a fun,relaxed student-centred activity.
This is one of my ideas(hardly seems original but I've never
read it anywhere). My names's Peter Snashall and I live and
publish teaching ideas for free at

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