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This is an activity to teach students about business letter writing.
It's actually something that I've used in regular ESL classes, but that
I think might work well in a Business English class. The idea
actually came from a friend of mine who took a lot of "business"
classes while she was in high school. She said that she learned how
to write business letters by always having to write them down from

So...what you need is a book of model business letters in English.
These are often available in libraries (in the states, anyway).
Make one copy each of 10 different letters or so (depending on
the number of students in your class. Make enough so each two
people have one). You can concentrate on a specific type of letter,
like cover letters or letters of complaint, or else mix the
different types of letters.

One student can look at the letter, the other cannot. The student
with the letter reads it to the other student, who takes dictation.
The reading student should not look at the writing student's
answers. At the end, have the student compare his or her written
work to the original, looking for mistakes and correcting them.

This can be a good lead-in to writing business letters, and is a
nice way of including dictation without them always doing dictation
from the teacher or a tape.

Karin Abell
Carrboro, NC

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