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From A Distance

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To help my Basic level students I used this song --"From A Distance" by Bette Midler-- to learn "Simple Present Tense". First, I distributed the text of the song to my students and asked them to correct the verbs that I put in the brackets. Then I played the song for the first time, so they could do the task with help of what they listened to. After that, my students and I would check together. They could also ask me if they didn't know the reason(s) why they should put "s" or "es" or "ies" after certain verbs. Sometimes, I asked about their feeling about the song, and what the message(s) was(were) in the song. Finnaly, I played the song once again, and we sang together.

I love this song, because I hope, through this song, I don't only teach my students grammar, but also teach them "Peace and Love."

Fia Mirtasari
[email protected]

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