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Mission Impossible

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This variation of "Who Am I" is a good way to familiarize your students with basic questions, and it gets them comfortable asking each other questions in English. The best part about it is the consistency, after several weeks of five minutes each class you can really see progress in the students ability to ask questions, understand and answer, and they may even start coming up with questions of their own.

Method: Ahead of time, make up a Mission Impossible hand-out with examples of questions one would ask if playing "20 questions" or "Who Am I?" Hand out the questions and spend as much time as you need explaining all the questions to the students. The way the activity works is that each student prepares a "Who Am I?" with three clues. At the beginning of each class, put the names of the teams (rows) on the board, choose a student to come up and answer questions, and start the Mission Impossible theme music. The student at the front chooses students with their hands up to ask him/her questions and answers them, while you award a point per question asked for the teams. After one minute, stop the music and let the student give his/her first clue. Continue music for another minute and stop again, you get the picture. The team which guesses the right answer receives 5 points. Record the points for the teams and carry them over to the next class, keep the scores until everyone in the class has done their "Who Am I" and reward the team with the most points.

The idea isn't earth shattering, but I've been doing it for two months with one class and I've been amazed at how good they have become at asking and answering questions. Competition is fierce from day to day and they are writing their own questions now to try and elicit more information.

Alana Davis
Nishki Village, Akita, Japan

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