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Before class I chose 5 ads from each category of the personals in the newspaper and copied them onto sheets for the students. I try to pick ads with lots of character.

In class the students form small groups of "professional matchmakers" (2-3 per group) and they are instructed to find 3 perfect couples. Each ad can be used only once. After they do this, they then have to find the "Couple from Hell," i.e. the couple that would never work. For this couple they can use any of the ads, even ones they used previously.

Once they have chosen their 4 couples, they discuss the reasons why these couples would work (or wouldn't) with the class.

The activity is good for people vocabulary and it's always fun.

As an alternative, students could choose from the full list in the newspaper. I haven't done this because it could be an overwhelming amount to pick from.

Ian McKergow
Montreal, Quebec

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