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Say goodbye

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This icebreaker is an amusing way to start off your semester.

1. Instead of doing something really predictable, such as having students stand up and introduce themselves, tell them to imagine that this is the last class period, and they should stand up and pretend that they are saying farewell. If the students seem reluctant, help them with a few useful phrases such as "I'm going to miss you!" or "Promise me you'll stay in touch." Then have them mingle and say goodbye to at least three people.

2. Then tell them to sit down and write the three things they liked the most about this term. After they're finished writing, you can ask students to volunteer what they wrote and make a list on the board.

Rationale: This ice breaker helps reduce first day tension, and helps students to think ahead to what they hope to get out of the class.

Hall Houston
Fortune Junior Technical College
Chishan, Taiwan

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