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Let your students express themselves...they may prove to be great actors! All they need is a story and a few props. Use the following information to write your own scripts and stage them...if you dare!

Explain the following situation:

Three families (The Adams, The Bricks and The Carrolls) living in a three-storey house share the patio, where they hang out their clothes to dry. However, they all seem to use the patio for other purposes as well. Whenever they get together... something is sure to happen! Read on!

Character descriptions

The Adams

- Edward, 23, also known as 'Beethoven'. Very quiet and absent-minded. He loves playing the piano.
- Rosemary, Edward´s sister, 16. She is called 'Scratch'. A punk and quite a bully. She drinks too much beer.
- Mr Adams, their father. He can´t handle his kids, so he concentrates on his plants, which he loves.

The Bricks

- Mr Bricks, an old man and a chain-smoker.
- Mrs Bricks, a dominant wife who henpecks her husband more often than not. Besides, she is a bit of a gossip. She has got a dog.
- Margaret, their maid. Very romantic and lazy. She is quite concerned about her nails. When she happens to find some time, she cleans the place.

The Carrolls

- Claire, 18. She spends her time reading magazines, doing physical exercise and making herself up.
- Albert, her twin brother. Also known as 'Einstein'. Physics and Chemistry are his main concerns. He thinks he is a genius. To everybody´s horror, he is always experimenting with new things.
- Steve, 25. A bit of a dandy. He is very careful with his clothes, uses a walking-stick and is often worried about his looks.
- Mrs Carroll, their mother. A hard worker and a do-it-yourself fan. At the moment she is making a bookcase.

What to do

In small groups, and using the information above as a rough guide, the students put their thinking caps on and imagine funny situations that take place when the different characters meet in the patio, where they all end up for different reasons. The stds. make the different characters interact and decide on the best time for the characters to appear and disappear, as it best suits their story.

After a couple of rehearsals, you might as well record their show!

Joan M. Díez Clivillé Amposta, Spain [email protected]

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