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Three Little Men

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I can't take credit for this game since it was passed on to me but here it is:

1. Divide your class into groups with 4-5 students in each group
2. Write TEAM 1, TEAM 2, TEAM 3 (and so on on the board)
3. Below each team draw three stick men
4. give your class a category( for example sports)
5. Each team must come up with one sport(ie. tennis)
6. Once tennis has been given it cannot be repeated
7. If tennis is repeated the teacher will remove one stick man
8. Each time a repetition is heard a man stick man is removed.
9.If a team loses all three stick men the team must sit down. Continue until one team is left
10. The team with stick men remaining is the winner
11. a good swift pace is key-use your students to help you remember if a word has already been said
12. use broad categories-narrow categories(such as colours) don't work well since students will soon run out of options


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