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Using the Internet with Gulf Arab Students

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Using the Internet with Gulf Arab Students


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Most of the Gulf thrives on technology. Most schools offer computer learning as the main focus of the curriculum. CALL and CAI have become overwhelmingly popular over the past 3 years. Therefore, most EFL teachers must teach using computers and the net, if they want a teaching position in most places. The internet has been a on-going teaching tool thanks to the use of proxys which block out information deemed controversial. Below are some ideas that teachers through out the Gulf and other areas of the world with the internet:

1. Lesson #1: Introduction

Ask students to brainstorm what they know and don't know about the internet. It is important to discuss the differences between good and bad sites. Next introduce them to the different search engines and URL numbers that can be used to locate information. Give each student 5 URL numbers to look up for homework and one site location to find, to introduce the concept of the internet.

2. Teach your students to build a homepage in English. Students can create free homepages through a number of different search engines. One of the fastest and most popular free homepage services is TRIPOD.
Students can create homepages even if they do not know HTML. Homepages allow students to describe themselves in English. Allow students to access and read each others homepages as a follow up activity. ( site:

3. Allow students to set up free hotmail accounts. Require students to send a minimum of 3 email letters a day and 3 response letters. These programs require students to write in English and therefore, encourage students to practice using the language in a practical environment.

4. Teach students how to access electronic greeting cards. This skill requires them to read, follow directions, and to write in the English language. (sites:,,

5. Teach students how to write and read classified adds using the net. Students can read and place adds in the YAHOO CLASSIFIEDS for free. Yahoo offers this service on their homepage (site:

6. Encourage students to visit DAVE's ESL Cafe on a regular basis. There are many places at this site which will help students with their English Language skills.

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