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Tall Tales

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Two ideas for fun story telling and using the imagination:
A. Bring in pictures from magazines, postcards, etc. Students choose a picture and make up a story about it. This can also be just a simple description if low-level or shy student.
B. I make up a sentence like: One afternoon, I took a walk on the beach. Each student adds a line and we build a story. It can take some surprising turns. I write each new line on the board, adding to the paragraph(s). This way the students can see their words, which gives them a chance to do some editing. We also use this to look at each sentence and see how the grammar looks. After going around the room, I ask someone to read the whole "story" out loud. This same process can be used with the first idea about using magazine pictures.

Susan Smith
Email: [email protected]
Arcata, California

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